Ozzy Osbourne mocks Olivia Newton John’s scam drink, Sharon pretends to be offended

Like her friend Scientologist John Travolta, Olivia Newton John is always close to a scam. Here Ozzy Osbourne, whose drug fried brain sometimes can’t change plastic bag in a trash compactor, calls her snake oil to her face!

Years of working in the music industry have also fried into Ozzy’s brain. He knows a scam when he see’s it!

Olivia’s product, Zuma Drink, was invented by her husband from “Amazon herbs.? But it looks like muddy water. “It looks like the Amazon!” she extolls!

Ozzy will have none of it and he turns the whole thing into a Saturday Night Live sketch in real life.

His wife Sharon, ever the music industry agent, pretends to be embarrassed.

That is why they work so well together, bad cop good cop.

Her husband’s BS drink was very similar to Scientologist Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liason weight loss company. Another snake oil source. Kirstie sold out to Jenny Craig to do commercials and they dropped almost all of her products except an energy shot drink which was just caffeine.

Olivia’s husband “Amazon John”‘ saw his company be bought out by the equally phony Trivita company.


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